Saturday, June 26, 2010


feeling pretty tore up still, sleep deprived due to a combination of too much training and too much thinking. couldnt resist trying out the new monitor for the C2 rower. 5x500m, focused on pacing and recovery(shot for 2:00 each) rowing is not as bad as i remember it, although i still need to try it well rested - and fast.

patrick stuck a PR on the deadlift - 300# at a bodweight of 143. legs and even grip are good but the lower back had a hard time staying in place... we have ways to fix that....

more thoughts from the naqshbandi order:

A person's value corresponds to the value he assigns to his time. If you perceive your time to be a worthless burden that you hope will pass away quickly, then you are a burden on the face of the earth, and it would be better to be under it than on it. Why? Because you wantonly squandered one priceless treasure: your vital energy. Now that other priceless treasure, time, is not like wealth in your hands but like an immense pile of treasure underneath which you are buried. Be judicious with your vital energy so that the value of time may become manifest to you. When you keep your time like a diamond you will be exalted in the eyes of people and in the Divine Presence, here and hereafter.

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