Monday, June 21, 2010


ROMS track

warmup w/ med ball bounce pass,

50 yd throw and chase + 50 yd bear crawl
fat rope climb (arms only, to bottom of goal post)
fat rope pullups, standard and uneven

the test:
starting under one goal post, run to the other while dragging fat rope behind (~66', around 50# dry, which it was not). coil rope, grab the opposite end and return to starting point, recoil rope. dont puke.

cooldown w/ 100yds of players choice. bearcrawl, broad jump, frog hop, burpee broad jump, walking lunge, throw -n- chase.switch @ 50yd.

dylan : 2:25
emily : 3:20
patrick: 2:21
kevin: 1:48
-b: 1:34

i believe the last time i did this test was 2 summers ago, it was the 3rd time in as many months and i trimmed my time down to 96 seconds (if memory serves me). the feeling of the drag is a bit like hill runs, but uphill both ways. patrick asked me if there was a trick, if pacing played a part, and i honestly dont know. this is a rare occasion where i feel its better NOT to use the legs for the first rope pull because they are going to need that little reprieve, for the last rope pull, use everything you have. its a great test to see someone hit a wall, it comes suddenly, and often with little warning, and depending how far along the athlete is, it can be one hell of a grind.

66 feet of rope can be one hell of a anchor.

after 200 yards, the legs may not be of much use.

and when that rope is nearly 50% of your bodyweight, the cost can be surprising...

the depth of relief as you get towards the end of the rope is something you can taste...

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