Friday, March 25, 2011

there is work to be done.

"I am set out to be exactly the person I mean to, and unapologetically."

this quote has come up more than once in the past week. i am constantly surprised by the amount of grief laid on dedicated people. how near strangers will tell me and others that we work too hard. that we should take a break. have fun. live a little. to stop always behaving like we are at work.

i actually take pride in my work. i take pride in the fact that i plan, execute, evaluate and improve. if that makes my whole life a job than i will take pride in the fact that i am good at it. that i enjoy it. i will not waste my time playing house. pretending to pay attention to pointless conversations in an attempt to be social.

bring something to the table.

speak and act with purpose.

follow through.

because time is valuable. and fleeting.

in 24 hours i land in SLC, i have 5 days. the goal is simply to learn. more than that, to find weakness. to ask people i respect to assess my shortcomings. to help me acquire the information i need in order to improve...

5 days.

fleeting indeed.

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