Tuesday, November 13, 2012


when i first started training i usually worked out against the clock- i was always trying to get work done faster. to be more efficient, to rest less, to recover faster...

as the years passed i began to look at time differently. business and personal obligations made me value the time i spent training even more - not just the workout that day, but its greater effect - i began to seek more value than a quick high or beating my previous time. we give up so much to train, spend so much time tweaking our sleep, our diet. recovery. planning. every hour i train i am saying no to something else. to family, to friends, to more business... my time is worth everything to me and i plan to make it count.  not just today, but next month. next year. a long trajectory. fixing weaknesses.

i got a late start when it comes to fitness, i have a lot of catching up to do. i intend to get the most out of my training. time matters, but not in the way people seem to think. this is something i talk about often.something i stress with the people i train - "there is never enough time, and decisions must be made. what do you need to work on?" we ran a large timed workout this weekend, and had a chance to see this in action. i was reminded about all the little adjustments to a workout that can change the message sent to the body. about the effect of squat depth, of bar height, of measured effort and of pulling the pin and dealing with the consequences. what made me the most proud was that i watched people make decisions that were sure to slow them down. an individual picking a low box as a depth gauge for his squat - or another who picked the highest pullup bar in the gym, because it scared him. because he would be better for it.

there is a time when it becomes easy to "go hard". pride is a fuel that burns hot - and once someone can channel that it is not long before they start to get diminishing returns. work smart, work on the things that will get you the greatest return on your investment, work on the things that are most worth your time. it is the most precious thing you have. spend it wisely.

work fucking harder.
work fucking smarter.

when your time in a front plank is dependent on your partners movement, time becomes a slippery concept...

 ...and time under a 10' slosh-pipe operates on its own unique set of rules

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