Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the fight.

it is a good one.

there has been much work done so far this year, with many new things on the horizon. a potential building to be purchased, small business loans, new web site, new tools, and new t-shirts. this is the good fight. this is scheming. problem solving. the whiplash shift between near fanatical attention to detail and the big picture. the willingness to wield the knife, to cut out what is inessential, to drop dead weight and become the perfect tool for the task at hand. i have been putting more energy into the space, we have been focusing on details, on goals... and reaping the rewards.

the fighters have been a pleasure to work with. not just because of their willingness to work, but because the requirements of their craft. ju-jitsu is a skill game. it is hard on the body. the gym, their work with me, is supplemental. secondary. their tasks are tailored to their goals, their test places their flesh on the line and with fights on the horizon we have not the luxury of "free time". each task is presented to correct an imbalance or to encourage a trait. shoulder and knee work to help avoid future injury, constant pressure and compromised rest, explosive power from a confined and fatigued state...

ball slam to roll out.
dynamic-isometric back squat.
knee jumps.
deadlift to box jumps
russian twists, cauldron, shoot lunges...
recover in rack position, in front plank, under the slosh pipe....
the airdyne...

everything for a reason.

there is so much to be said in these pictures. the fight. the fear. resignation. a realization that the work is harder than you thought, longer and your fatigue deeper. the realization that you chose this. sought it out. fought for it. that you are here. now. and all that is left to do is press on.

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