Thursday, November 10, 2011


"the goal is not simply to hurt you, but to make it so that no one will ever be able to hurt you again"

the physical stuff is easy. or at least, it is the easy part. you apply a stimulus, a stress, and the body responds. it is cultivation. attention to details. it is a process.

it is surprisingly easy to be mediocre. it doesn't take much effort. much thought.

to change. to excel. that is where it gets interesting.

defining goals. assessing ones ability, ones short comings. correctly assessing the relative merits of certain traits, absent of personal bias....

how strong? how fast? power? endurance? where should the time be spent? what kind of returns can you expect? applied economics, on a very personal level.

traits beyond the physical must, must, be considered as well. discipline. integrity. nervousness. depression. anxiety. fear. overconfidence. patience...

how do these traits factor into your goals?

how can you train these?

how important is this to you?

where is your weakest link?

"training" as we understand it is to work with a dedicated group of peers with the common goal of making each member more effective at achieving their personal goals. we do this by encouraging growth and exposing weaknesses.

denial helps no one.

we ask hard questions because we want to hear honest answers. we surround ourselves with dedicated people because we are actively and consciously raising our standards.

the greatest personal flaw is often the one that we ourselves do not see. we depend on each other to question, to critique, and to criticize. to encourage good behavior and punish the bad. i dont think anyone has achieved greatness by being comfortable.

we push each other. we drive each other. to be critical. to be practical. to give our best. to make it normal. a habit. to make it a minimum. the least we will give, and the least we will expect.

we aim to raise the bar.

-the station

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