Friday, January 7, 2011


"Listen to advice given from experience. it cost a great deal, but you are not charged for it." - idries shah (probably others but that is where i got it.)

workout- Jonesworthy

squats + swings + pullups
80 - 40 - 20
64 - 32 - 16
48 - 24 - 12
32 - 16 - 8
24 - 12 - 6
12 - 6 - 3
first round looks like 80 squats + 40 swings + 20 pullups
53# KB, 15:37

i had planned on doing this on wednesday, but i dont think it would have had the desired effect, so i did a bit of strength and moved it down the line. planning is great, but so is flexibility, remember the reason you made the plan in the first place. with goals, or even solid reasons, we can weigh each day against the desired outcome and see if our plan is still applicable. yesterday was a recovery day and i put 10k on the rower in 45 minutes (keeping stroke rate around 25 SPM), some more good advice i received recently was that recovery workouts can be just as meaningful as your hard days, i still suck at pacing, but if i do three 30-45 minute recovery workouts a week where i focus on pacing, where i work to set that habit, there will be effects. even today i felt better with my pace, i took 1 break in the first round of squats, never during swings and when i did (during pullups and between movements) i tried to limit it to 5 breaths, and always asked myself if resting any longer was going to have a positive outcome on my work...

i was on the receiving end of a lot of great advice in 2010, i owe a lot to the the GYMJONES family, with a special thanks to Michael Blevins and John Frieh - now i just have to put it into action. the best way, the only meaningful way, to thank a teacher is to use what you have been taught.

for the support, for the advice, this is the only thanks i can offer. to deserve it. to earn it.

move forward.

and another thanks to Mark Twight for this gem (via the SALVATION site): "don't let all the shit you know keep you from putting it to use." - i think i needed to hear that.

monday crew enjoying. 4x weighted bear crawls moving directly into -

4x FSPP. a few laps usually gets the point across.

Jonathan requested this picture be taken (although probably jokingly). grip width can have interesting effects on ones overhead work, and ones limits.


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