Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3rd party.

i have been told from the beginning of my training history to see a massage therapist or acupuncturist once a month. to find someone good, let them now how and why i am training and listen to them. i was given this advice from people whom i trusted, people who have walked down the paths i wish to tread... i heard this advice and ignored it. it seemed like a good idea, but never seemed to happen. how could a massage be essential? i dont have the money. i dont have the time. maybe next month... 3 years later i am seeing a specialist every week. there were holes in my training, holes i was missing because i was focusing on others progress and pushing my health to the side. and now i am reaping what was sown.

seeing one of these specialists is a chance to learn. to ask what is out of balance, where is there excess tension, to get feedback. in anything, the most dangerous shortcomings are the ones we never see, never expect. every so often, get a second opinion. a test. see if what you are doing is having the effect you want and change plans accordingly. sometimes we have to learn the hard way.thankfully, my price seems small - and the lesson highly transferable... listen to those who have been there before, and "recovery" is hard work - and not optional.

we get comfortable at our own pace, cocky with our stride. that is until someone else takes the reigns, and sinks in the spurs...

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  1. Your words, your writing - they mean something to me. They strike me powerfully and cause me to examine myself. My motivations. You, Gym Jones, and many others have shaped my attitude towards training, helped me to understand what matters. Philosophy with consequences. YES.